Our Process

Retirement Planning

After an in-depth review of the business owner’s objectives, tax benefits, and time horizon, we work with the third- party administrators to design a cost-effective solution. This can range from a basic plan with less sophistication to a more complex plan with custom designed features and fund menu choices. In addition to advising plan sponsors on funds and features, our firm provides plan participant education to support in meeting the ongoing compliance responsibilities. For plan sponsors with existing plans in place, a review is conducted to determine if the plan design is appropriate, whether fees and pricing are competitive, and if the investment menu meets the industry requirements.

Investments Committee Process

As part of our firm’s investment management and review process, we have formed a committee comprised of Senior Wealth Managers, Wealth Managers and key associates.  We meet, at a minimum, on a quarterly basis, after the end of each quarter on the following items:

  • To review performance analytics of individual investments and model portfolios compared to appropriate benchmarks

  • To conduct due diligence on our custodian and third-party managers

  • To review fiduciary metrics and overall fee exposure to clients

  • To review and analyze industry commentary and research on the economic landscape and overall investment outlook

  • To interview fund specialists and perform additional due diligence on existing or prospective holdings

  • To review our procedures to comply with internal governance policies

All of the processes are taken into consideration as portfolios and portfolio model holding changes are determined and implemented.  

Portfolio Management

Our firm constructs investment portfolios built on a foundation of academic research and diversification. Client goals, willingness to take risk, and tax constraints are considerations when developing specific investment strategies. Our firm’s use of low cost model portfolios or custom designed portfolios are our primary investment solution.  

We do not believe in market timing as a reliable methodology for investing, rather that the use of disciplined asset allocation will prove beneficial as each asset class may perform differently over time. This will help improve the likelihood of higher long-term risk adjusted returns.